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Ball Crusher Flask - Testicle Torturing Crushing Prison - CBT - Ball Bashing

Ball Crusher Flask - Testicle Torturing Crushing Prison - CBT - Ball Bashing

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My take on the ball crusher flask. I once had a steel one, which cost a fortune but was so fiddly to use with six allen key bolts in total for the top ring, the flask and finally the crusher plate base section; it took at least 25 minutes to deploy so I only used it once. Nice weight on the balls once it was on, but turning the screw to raise the crusher plate was not only painful because of the crushing but also because of the scrotal skin dragging on the rotating crusher plate, unless you lubed it first.

My design has a two-part top collar which you simply hold together around the sack above the plums and then screw the main prison section on to secure them. The victim's plums are now nicely captured as shown in the pic, within a minute typically.

Now the base section is screwed on to this and the fun can begin. Turning the screw raises the plate up to the plums crushing the juice out to much wailing usually, so a gag may be needed. Chose between the standard flat plate or its nasty spiked brother, the spikes aren't sharp enough to break the skin but they definitely hurt! Crusher plates have a bearing to prevent rotation with the screw and you can option to have both plate types.

The flask isn't as weighty as my old steel one, but it's heftily constructed and still weighs a quarter of a kilo. I've added a ring to the pain control knob so that you can hang weights from it because why wouldn't you? With the plate right up crushing the balls flat under the collar it's highly unlikely the flask will come off whatever weight you add, unlike with most ball parachutes and stretchers etc. I recommend adding incrementally and with love though...

It's important to choose the right size for the top hole, so that it's small enough to prevent a nad slipping back through as you tighten the screw, although the way they flatten does prevent this to a large extent.

Please see the diagram and include a message on ordering with the dimensions of the intended (main) victim so I can check you have chosen the correct size. Dimension A is the one which determines the top hole and B is important to make sure the flask section will fit the target testicles.

Use a shoelace or tailor's measure to establish the circumference of the sack above the balls and also of the balls themselves. The standard flask has an 8cm internal diameter so the balls circumference (Dimension B) should really be less than 25cm and you have the option of 35mm, 40mm or 45mm top hole options, which correspond to 110mm, 127mm and 141mm sack circumferences approximately (Dimension A). If you need a larger or small size get in touch as this may be possible.

There are two options for the main section, both of which allow observation of the crushing nicely. If you'd like the optional diamond mesh pattern please say so on ordering. Also, message me if you want the flask just solid, this will make it much weightier but of course prevent viewing.

I make everything to order so please expect at least 5-7 days before shipment. The plastic parts are 3D printed on an 8K Resolution resin printer, they are excellent quality but are hand finished and not injection molded so some layer and finishing marks will be evident as shown in the pics. This makes each piece unique!

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