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Bipolar Flexible Urethral Electrode for Penis - E-Stim CBT Electrode - Integral Cable PLUS Extra Conductive Rubber Loop

Bipolar Flexible Urethral Electrode for Penis - E-Stim CBT Electrode - Integral Cable PLUS Extra Conductive Rubber Loop

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The production version of my bipolar urethral electrode is finally available.

Featuring two metal contact sections separated by a non-conductive flexible silicone tube so the entire urethra is stimulated (or tormented!). It is waterproof so can be thoroughly washed after use and sprayed with anti-bacterial spray before use.

SECOND ESTIM CHANNEL - The probe is secured in the penis via an adjustable loop which goes around the glans. Since I used conductive rubber for this, I include an extra conductive rubber loop, because doing so allows you to easily create an additional e-stim channel from the two loops.

Place the second loop at the base of the erect penis or around both cock and balls. Keep in mind that this channel will require considerably higher power than the main channel because of the substantial impedance inherent in conductive rubber. You could also pair the glans loop with e.g. a monopole anal plug.

INTEGRAL LEAD - Most powerboxes have 3.5mm mini-jack audio outputs so I make the cable for this have a 3.5mm audio plug. However if you require something else, e.g. a Screamlabs style marine connector for their trunk cables, just include a message with the order.

Three sizes are available 6, 7 and 8 inches, however if you require something else choose CUSTOM and include a message with the insertable length you require. The product is not designed to enter the body cavity so should be sized for just the penis length expected, be that erect or flaccid.

Obviously with any urethral play, cleanliness is next to godliness. I recommend using sterile nitrile gloves and the probe should be thoroughly wiped with an alcohol swab before use or ideally soaked with an anti-bacterial spray (I recommend CaviCide as this is also anti-fungal and anti-viral but Clinell Spray is also good). The probe should be allowed to dry naturally.

Insert slowly using a sterile water-based lubricant or electro-gel. I find it's best to squirt some down the urethra first using e.g. a sterile syringe.

Once all the way down the probe should be secured using the adjustable glans hoop, if you intend to use this as one pole of another e-stim channel then apply some electro-gel to the glans under the loop as well.

I make everything to order so please expect at least 5-7 days before shipment. The plastic parts are 3D printed on an 8K Resolution resin printer, they are excellent quality but are hand finished and not injection molded so some layer and finishing marks will be evident as shown in the pics. This makes each piece unique!

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Excellent urethral electrode

There are many urethral electrodes on the market, but this one is better than most others. Especially the loop holding the electrode in place is a nice touch. Even if the erection becomes weaker mid-play it always stays safely in place. And the loop being conductive makes it even more versatile.