It really wasn't anything I'd ever planned to do. I just designed stuff I wanted to use on myself which didn't exist in the marketplace.

It was obvious to me for example that whoever was making the various balls electrodes on the market had almost no experience or understanding of the way current travels.

The ridiculous OxBalls testicle bag thing is the obvious example of this. Both contacts are side by side at the bottom of a huge rubber sack that only fits frankly bovine males. Because of the stupid contact positioning, current travels through the scrotal skin and never goes near the balls and that feels totally horrid, just a burning stinging sensation.

So my testicle box design tried to address this, with my fairly basic understanding of electron flow I reasoned the contacts should be either side of the balls. I'd just bought a basic 3D printer and this enabled me to design what I thought would work far better.

Here's the first prototype:

Test Box V1Test Box V1

This actually worked really well in use, the feeling was completely different to anything I'd tried before, a delightful mix of pain and deep pleasure. When I put pics on here and Twitter the reception was very positive and many people wanted to buy one. But I couldn't really help them, what I'd made had taken days to finish to a reasonable standard as what came off the printer was pretty crude. The printed bits had to be filled in places, sanded and then sprayed to make them look reasonable and the brass parts had to be milled on my lathe, there was no way I could productionise such a long process. Also it was sized for just me, it was never intended to fit anyone else.

Version 2 tried to address the sizing issue, so that I could use it on male subs, by mounting the contact plates on screw in knobs which allowed the distance between them to be adjusted. Usage experience also showed that this feature allowed for a certain amount of squeezing of the captured nuts, so it was win win!

Test Box V2

I still couldn't really sell the things as each still took far too long to make, but I did start making replicas for close friends and for some heavy duty CNC prisoner events to torment the male "guests".

A year or so past in which time I upgraded from basic FDM printing to resin printing, which is smelly and messy but produces far better results. This meant I could now produce my testicle box in about a day to a much higher standard, here's Version 3:

Test Electrode V3
I was also able to design other things now too including cock electrodes:
Cock Electrode
And here a double version:
Cock Electrode
This time coincided with a gorgeous and wonderfully depraved female sub to play with so I could suddenly think in terms of electrodes for the ladies too, such as my breast electrode clamps:
Breast Electrodes

I sold a few things from people contacting me on Fetlife but people were understandably nervous to send me the money first so I finally decided to take the Etsy plunge:


I started with the testicle box and slowly added my other designs.

The experience has been good and bad, a few people have failed to read the description and sizing guide, ordered the wrong size and then got shitty and in one case left a bad review. And of course the majority of happy customers never leave reviews because of the nature of the product.

I've had some hate on X/Twitter from people saying my prices are ridiculous and insulting but they fail to consider the time each takes to produce and the components involved, let alone the thought and expertise which have gone into each one.

My latest cock stretching electro rack is a case in point. Each one takes two days to produce, features concealed wiring and has over 40 components. My daily rate in my previous life as a CGI artist used to be £500/day so by rights I should be charging over £1k for it! But I realise nobody would pay that, I considered £500 but even that would be too much for the majority of people.

So I settled on £375, which I think is a steal for what you get and the unique sensations it delivers:

Cock Electrpde Rack

And so we arrive at Feb 2024. Suddenly I have a business from out of nowhere which generates enough revenue to encourage me to devote proper time to, and therefore create far more interesting and elaborate devices than I ever could before when it was a mere self-pleasing hobby.

Hopefully this endeavour will continue, but there's a new venture on the horizon which threatens to engulf all my time and then some, one my social media followers have seen glimpses of and a product which has taken two years to perfect and bring to market but which is now 99% ready.
So my advice if you're considering a purchase is to buy now, in all seriousness these weird devices from my twisted imagination might not be available to buy for much longer, I simply won't have the time to make them anymore and that's not just silly sales pressure talk.