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The Infamous Bipolar Testicle Electro Torture Box - E-Stim - Testicle Electrode CBT - FREE CABLE

The Infamous Bipolar Testicle Electro Torture Box - E-Stim - Testicle Electrode CBT - FREE CABLE

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My best-selling electrode originally just designed for my own use; I then made replicas for friends and multi-day CNC events and finally started selling them. I've refined my initial design over the years so that it's now lighter and has the two electrode plates inside mounted on adjustable knobs so that a wide range of plum sizes is supported. For this latest V4 version I have increased the mouth size based on feedback.

In use the knobs should be adjusted right out before installation on the victim's balls and it's easier if these have first been isolated using a thin leather wrap, ball stretcher, some string or a short bootlace ensuring the sack skin is nice and tight around the target globes. This helps capture the gonads nicely and minimises the chance of catching scrotal skin when the lid is closed and also should mean the current passes through the balls and not around them. Apply a blob of quality electro-gel (e.g. Spectra 360) to each side of the nicely captured package where the brass contacts will touch.

Once the lid is closed and the locking strap secured the knobs should be mercilessly screwed in as far as possible (ignoring resulting victim wailing) to establish good contact and because it just gives additional squeeze torture opportunity.

The flat circular conductor plates each feature a 4mm socket on the back which is accessible from within the knob ends. Use straight 4mm banana plugs to connect them up to one channel on your e-stim power box, note that angled banana plugs are not usable.

Current travels from side to side directly through the victim's testicles and not via the skin as with most of the CBT electrodes on sale, eg on electro ball crusher plates for example. This is why I first created this as nothing except for sticky pads seemed to be an option for proper testicle not scrotal skin torture, which feels just horrible! With low voltage the current can still creep around, so make sure to turn it up nice and high!

FREE LEAD - If your powerbox has 3.5mm mini-jack audio outputs like most do, you will need an adapter lead to separate the positive and negative poles out to two 4mm banana plugs. Please see last pic to chose which lead you require.

Refer to the diagram to determine the size you need to order. If you would like me to check your choice send a message containing the A and B dimensions of the intended main victim with the order.

The "SML" size body is 94mm width and supports balls between approx. 13 and 19cm circumference (Dimension B) and up to 13cm sack circumference (Dimension A).

The "MED" size body is 110mm width and supports balls between approx. 16 and 27cm circumference (Dimension B) and up to 14cm sack circumference (Dimension A). 

The "LRG" size body is 120mm width and supports balls between approx. 18 and 30cm circumference (Dimension B) and up to 15cm sack circumference (Dimension A).

Message me if you need a smaller size but I don't make larger sizes any more as they're impractical to print. If there is not much difference between your A and B dimensions unfortunately the box is not suitable for you as it probably won't stay on; I would recommend my Balls Clamp Electrode instead.

I make everything to order so please expect at least 5-7 days before shipment. The plastic parts are 3D printed on an 8K Resolution resin printer, they are excellent quality but are hand finished and not injection molded so some layer and finishing marks will be evident as shown in the pics. This makes each piece unique!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best testicle electro toy I've found so far

I agree with the other two reviews on here - I was really pleased when it arrived, beautifully made and worth the cost given the care that's gone into making it.
It took me a while to work out the best way of getting it on, I've found that a bootlace wrapped tightly around the scrotum pushes the balls down to where they need to be and get the cover closed without pinching the skin.
Plenty of electro gel required too - once the electrodes are screwed in and the current flows then the pressure causes the skin to bind to the metal plates otherwise.
As for the sensation, it's totally different to having pads placed on them, the pressure and the tight contact makes you feel the electro in the balls themselves. Wonderful, plus there is no danger of anything falling off - quite the reverse.
Is there a downside, well the only one I've found is that because they are fitted for your size there is no guarantee that you can use them on others, but that's only to be expected.
Those who do fit have endured and enjoyed it too.
Fully recommended.

MKE Bootman
Best Testicle Zapper EVER…

First, I will admit, I was very apprehensive about making the purchase because of cost. But that all changed once the package was delivered. The quality is top notch and is very durable, actually it is a work of art. Exact fitting parts, precision threads on the screws, I could not wait to drop my pants and strap the boys in for a ride. I found using a 1” ball stretcher made positioning into the chamber much easier. The unit looks big, but the boys fit in very nicely. Next I applied a generous amount of conductivity gel to each of the large brass contacts. I then turned the knobs inward until they were touching the sides of each testicle. The cover closed easily. Fastening the strap, I found the unit very comfortable. Tightening each screw further provided a nice firm grip on the boys. The wire harness provided is high quality, a nice click when inserting the banana plugs. Using a Folsom Electric Company box for power, I was plugged in and ready for a test run. Let me tell you, the feeling is intense and like nothing I’ve experienced with other variations of testicle electro play. I found myself immediately aroused. Adjusting frequency provided a variety of sensations that are quite intense and the unit holds the boys in place with now opportunity to slip away. I messaged Sir Dastardly before ordering and he assisted with selecting a size from the measurements I provided. This is definitely an amazing addition to my electro play collection and I’m looking forward to using it on my subs.
Thank you Sir Dastardly😈

Ingenious ball torture device

The testicle torture box has a high build quality and is extremely simply to use. It is easy to put on, and stays safely in place once closed. When the knobs/electrodes are screwed in it is not an extreme ball crushing sensation, the main purpose is to ensure good contact to the testicles. The true fun begins when the current flows. The e-stim sensation is very different from any other testicle electrodes. It is a very intense and deep feeling with interesting reactions from the victim as the power level goes up.