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Testicles E-Stim Clamp - Balls Electro Torture - CBT Electrode - FREE CABLE

Testicles E-Stim Clamp - Balls Electro Torture - CBT Electrode - FREE CABLE

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This product consists of a two-piece clamp designed to capture the testicles by clamping across the scrotum above them. This will isolate the balls nicely and press them into the two 20mm brass disk contacts on the underside of the capture legs of the front plate. Each brass contact is connected to a 4mm banana socket, so that a circuit involving the testicles is now available for wiring to a channel of your e-stim powerbox.

This is the stand-alone clamp, Penis Stretching Electro Rack owners/buyers should get this one instead - in order to have stretch as well as electro.

FREE LEAD INCLUDED - If your powerbox has 3.5mm mini-jack audio outputs like most do, you will need an adapter lead to separate the positive and negative poles out to two 4mm banana plugs. If you would like just banana leads instead choose that cable option.

Because of the adjustable clamp design, one size fits all. The legs of the front plate are designed to funnel the area of the scrotum above the balls down into a 40mm wide space but the amount the clamp is done up will determine the final space within the middle of the clamp. It should be done up enough to ensure the balls do not slip through but not so much that circulation is cut off.

First position the back plate behind and above the balls with the steel threaded prongs either side of the scrotum. Apply a blob of electro-gel to each brass contact of the front plate before placing its running holes onto the back plate's prongs with all of the scrotum area above the balls going between the front plate's funnelling legs so that the balls are encapsulated underneath. Once the plate is on and making sure no skin is caught, press down and screw on and tighten the plate nuts to secure the balls under the clamp.

Ensuring each testicle is properly presented to a brass contact connect up with the 4mm banana plug lead supplied.

I make everything to order so please expect at least 5-7 days before shipment. The plastic parts are 3D printed on an 8K Resolution resin printer, they are excellent quality but are hand finished and not injection molded so some layer and finishing marks will be evident as shown in the pics. This makes each piece unique!

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