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Ultimate Stretch and Shock Electro Rack - E-Stim Penis & Testicles Electrode - Perfect CBT - FREE CABLES

Ultimate Stretch and Shock Electro Rack - E-Stim Penis & Testicles Electrode - Perfect CBT - FREE CABLES

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Designed to offer the most extreme stretching and electro-shocking experience to the male genitalia available, a discounted bundle of the Penis Stretching Electro Rack and the Testicle Stretch and Shock Upgrade for it.

Resembling something created for an awful Victorian asylum "therapy" this is my "Penis Stretching Electro Rack" with the "Testicle Stretch & Shock Upgrade" included - the ultimate in Electro CBT and the most comprehensive and adaptable piece of evil I've ever designed. It's the culmination of decades of often ear-splitting work, selflessly grilling the delicate parts of submissive and masochistic gentlemen in pirsuit of the perfect cock and balls electro.

The bipolar base ring goes around both cock and balls. This features six brass contact studs, three of which are wired to the red socket and three to the black one. It can function alone (and feels extraordinary) or wired to other parts of the rack (described below). The angle relative to the stretch bars can be adjusted and locked off using the thumbwheels to create the look or torture desired. The rings at the top of the threaded stainless-steel stretching bars by the way are intended for attaching support chains or a belt if needed (the rack is not intended to support body weight!).

The shaft or glans of the penis is secured in the middle clamp which is also bipolar. There are three studs in the back jaw wired to its red socket and two in the front jaw wired to its black one. Connect both with 4mm banana plugs to your powerbox and it literally feels like the victim's cock is being chopped off on higher settings. This is because the current travels directly through the cockmeat, rather than through skin like it does with silicone loops.

The clamp can be adjusted upwards with the thumbwheels to create the tortuous penile stretch required or simply used to counter varying states of turgidity, which is often an issue with CBT e-stim.

You can either wire the base ring and cock-clamp as two separate channels or split channels between them to create unique effects including X-flow patterns or include the the urethral sound.

THE WHAT!!?? Well I couldn't resist adding another platform which holds a sound for urethral electro. The securing knob on the back of it is fitted with a 4mm banana socket which touches the sound, this allows the sound to be wired as a pole of one of the channels as shown in the diagram, where it's connecting with the base ring as Channel (a). You can use your own metal sounds from 7mm up to 14mm in width including cum-thru hollow ones, or chose to include one of the options shown in the combination pic.

Finally, the lowest section is the balls stretch and shock. It's designed to capture the testicles by clamping across the scrotum above them. The balls can then be stretched downwards/outwards using thumb wheels mounted on the threaded rods which project from the sides of the base ring.

Doing this will isolate the balls nicely and press them into the two 20mm brass disk contacts on the underside of the capture legs of the clamp front plate. Each brass contact is connected to a 4mm banana socket, so that a circuit involving the testicles is also available for electro torture or e-stim.

The entire rack can be easily taken apart for storage if desired. Since all the main sections (balls shock, base ring and cock clamp) are bipolar, they may be used in isolation if so desired.

THREE LEADS INCLUDED - If your powerbox has 3.5mm mini-jack audio outputs like most do, you will need adapter leads to separate the positive and negative poles out to two 4mm banana plugs. Please refer to the last pic showing the cables and if you would like just banana leads instead (e.g. for use with a Screamlabs X1) chose that option.

Since the cock clamp is adjustable and so is that for the balls, only the base ring needs to be sized.

Using a tailor's measure or string etc, measure tightly around cock and balls WHEN FLACCID.

The STD base ring internal diameter (ID) is 45mm so will fit approx. 14cm tackle circumference.
The LRG base ring internal diameter (ID) is 50mm so will fit approx. 15.5cm tackle circumference.
The XLRG base ring internal diameter (ID) is 55mm so will fit approx. 17cm tackle circumference.

After applying electro-gel it's best to get the base ring on before arousal, it should act like a cockring so become tight with turgidity to ensure good contact.

A standard the side threaded rods are 7" (17cm) in length and the maximum balls stretch is 45mm but if you'd like anything else just let me know.

I make everything to order so please expect at least 5-7 days before shipment. The plastic parts are 3D printed on an 8K Resolution resin printer, they are excellent quality but are hand finished and not injection molded so some layer and finishing marks will be evident as shown in the pics. This makes each piece unique!

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Ultimate e-stim CBT device

I was totally overwhelmed by the build quality of this e-stim rack. Absolutely top-notch! After a small and easy assembly (manual with pictures is included) the rack was ready to use. It has some weight (but not too heavy) and is apparently quite intimidating for the victim (which is good). Once mounted on the victims cock is stays safely in place, even without any suspension. The numerous electrode contact points invite to try many different current patterns...